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Brewin & Associates is a boutique sales firm working with Canadian Food, Drug & Mass retailers in the Health & Wellness space. We have Key Associates located across the country; in the Niagara Region, Toronto & Calgary. For over 25 years, we have been in business in the Health & Wellness sector working with brands from USA & Canada & Europe. It is part of our mission statement to be a benefit to the Retailers we work with by ensuring our Brand Partners have a clear understanding of the Canadian Landscape and commitment to building Canadian Awareness. It is equally important to us to understand our Brand Partners’ goals to enable us to create a clear retail strategy to execute upon.

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This is an exciting time for any Brand, and an especially important one when it comes to choosing business partners. Our goal at Brewin & Associates is to team up with Brand Partners to grow with over time. For this reason, we provide a customizable selection of services from Brewin and our affiliate partners:

Sales - Marketing - Distribution - Regulatory - Data Management - 3rd Party Logistics

Once we garner an understanding of the wants and desires of our Brand Partners, we then set clear expectations and goals. Finally, we establish a detailed process of accountability and measurability. With this simple process, we build better business together, time after time.

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This is the foundation of our business at Brewin & Associates: “At Brewin & Associates, we nurture and grow trusting relationships between our Brand Partners and Retailers by applying the following principles:”

  • We recognize your triumph lies in the handshake (or fist bump) with our Retailers.

  • If the Retailers have trust and understand how a unique value proposition can benefit them; business begins.

  • If Retailers’ expectations are met and exceeded; business grows.

  • If Retailers are impressed with the level of service received – and continue to be impressed; business multiplies.

  • When challenges arise, and they experience a partnership where issues are dealt with proactively with a solution-based approach; business is protected.


With well over 20 years of industry experience, tremendous business acumen, and a passion for success, Brewin and Associates have built an excellent reputation with Major Canadian Retailers as leaders in our Industry.


It is this reputation that is our greatest asset.

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—  Tara Marton, BSc


Tara is the Founder and visionary behind Brewin & Associates. She is the lighthouse of the firm bringing clear, definitive, and in-depth Sales Leadership experience focusing expertly on Health & Wellness categories. Tara strives to nurture and develop key buyer and Brand relationships with Canada’s largest retailers and industry experts. She thrives on challenge, is passionate about delivering five-star quality service, and loves finding solutions. Tara is an incredibly effective communicator who excels at quickly revealing needs and laying out expectations. You can count on Tara to shed light on how and where it matters to gain the proper market exposure, with the aim to maximize revenues and profits.

As for Tara’s life-away-from-Brewin, to name a few of the things she truly enjoys; time in the kitchen, spending lazy days at the beach, and keeping her family healthy. Travelling far and wide across her native land of O ‘Canada is another one of Tara’s pleasures satisfied through her sales career – keeping her in tune with what makes Canadian consumers and retailers so wonderfully unique.


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